Boeren Extra Belegen - 500 Gram

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Farmhouse cheese cottage cheese may be called by roughly three features. This distinguishes itself from the cheese factory cheese. First the milk that is raw (unpasteurized). Then the fat content, which is not standardized. And finally the farm cheese is made ​​by hand. Farmhouse cheese is a cheese with a regionally taste. The land on which crops to grow and where cattle graze, unique to each area. And give each cheese dairy its own flavor.



This cheese is vacuum packed by us for free

Vacuumed cheese can be stored in the refrigerator at least 2 months. When the cheese is removed from the vacuum packaging, we advise you to consume the cheese within 2 weeks. Should there be any form of mold then this can be cut out with a knife. Mold occurs earlier in young cheese than old cheese.

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